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Digital work flow in dentistry has increased in recent years due to the headway made in technologies such as intraoral scanners and software programs, which have contributed to improve communication between the clinician and the dental technician. Advancement in technology presents its own challeges. It is becoming difficult for dentists and doctors to navigate this space without professional help to achieve fully digital office flow. Connect with us if you need any advice or help in implementing the digital workflow.

What We


CAD/ CAM Integration

 CAD/CAM systems not only impact the digital flow within a practice but also enhance the experience of your patients and how they interact with your office.  We can guide you how to maximize from integrating CAD/CAM in your practice 


Dental Softwares

Not all softwares are created equal and easy to use, rather some are built in a way that would rather obstruct the digital flow instead of complimenting it. We can help you choose the best software that suits the need of your office 



Whether you need access to your patient records within your office or on the go via phone or laptop. We can help you implement the right network configuration to achieve on the move productivity


Scanners vs Conventional Impressions

Conventional impressions and pouring of models, is the thing of past. It is not only very costly in terms of material, labor and patient discomfort but rather a major road block in achieving the most fast & efficient digital flow in the office, be it labs or manufacturer of clear aligners etc


Computers & Laptops

Chosing the right computer specification is critical for the efficient working of the office. Size of hard drive, memory and other specs can impact the response time of all office applications. We can help you assess your needs and guide you to implement most cost effective and efficient computer equipment specifications


Backup of all digital records

In this age, offices are faced with all sort of threats. Therefore, it is critical to have backup of each and every record in your office, to address the need of full or partial restoration of records. This could be driven by hackers (ransom ware), disgruntled employee, or actual fire or flooding in your office. We can help you achieve the piece of mind by incorporating both onsite and off-site backup of all digital records in your office

Thank you for the excellent job. We could not have achievend the most optimized and secure network without the help of Kreius team.

Dr Michelle P

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